2.42 church covid-19 updates

MARCH 28, 2020

We strongly encourage all members to follow the directives laid out by their local jurisdiction during this season. For those in Hays County, the current stipulations can be found here. At this time, we ask all members to not gather in social settings beyond those whom they live with.

Our homegroup meetings can be joined on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights via Zoom Meeting, while our Sunday services will be streamed live on YouTube beginning March 29th.

We continue to encourage you to reach out to the staff for prayer, needs you encounter, etc.

MARCH 20, 2020

First and foremost, we hope everyone is managing as best one can in this season of uncertainty. While our world has been turned upside down in a short span of time, we can remain confident that God is on his throne, that these events are not a surprise to him, and that he remains the only source of hope and peace that will not falter.

With yesterday's news that classes will remain online for the remainder of the semester, we can tell you that our Sunday service, and all homegroup meetings will take place in an online setting until it is safe to meet in person once again.

There will not be a service this coming Sunday, March 22nd. This was a pre-planned week off to align with Spring Break. Our homegroups will begin meeting online next week with Flavor on March 24th, the J-Walkers on March 25th, and the Skyriders on March 26th. These groups will meet at their normal times. Our first Sunday service (also online) will be Sunday, March 29th.

All Sunday service and homegroup meetings will take place by using Zoom meeting (zoom.us). Please download this to your computer/phone if you haven't done so yet. For Sundays, a link to join will be posted in both our official news GroupMe (reach out to a staff if you're not in there and would like to be added) and our church Facebook page. Homegroup d-teams will be posting a link to join homegroup meetings in homegroup GroupMes. (GroupMe can be accessed on a computer, if you're not wanting to stare at your phone for a long time).

We will continue to carry out discipleship meetings, homegroup coaching, etc. as best we can.
We will provide discipleship for all who are returning home during this season either online or over the phone.

Additionally, the men's retreat scheduled for April 3rd-5th is canceled.

For further news and updates, we will be primarily communicating via the church's Facebook page (facebook.com/242SanMarcos) and the church official news GroupMe.

While some individuals may want to interact in person during this time, we want to clearly state that no one person should feel any pressure to participate in any physical gathering for hanging out or discipleship during this time. We strongly encourage you to wash your hands regularly, do not gather in any groups of more than 10 (again, do not feel any pressure to do this!), and avoid others if you are feeling symptomatic.

We encourage you to utilize technology to remain connected as best one can during this season.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the church staff during this time if you have further questions, need someone to process with, pray with you, etc. We are here for you!