Welcome to Texas State!

For most students, college is an exciting time of learning and personal growth. But there’s a problem…

  • A full class load without an emotional and spiritual support system can lead to burnout and emotional breakdowns.
  • 63% of college students experience feeling “very lonely” (National College Health Assessment).
  • Finding a safe place to ask hard, honest questions about college, God, and life is difficult.

2.42 Church is your connection to students who also want genuine friendships, and who want real talk, not just surface level conversations. We want to know what the Bible really says about the confusing parts of life, especially as it applies to college students.

We love meeting new people. In fact, much of what we do is specifically designed around it, namely our Homegroups.

Weekly Homegroups

Homegroup is what we call our weekly small group meetings. Over the years we’ve repeatedly heard students say that homegroup meetings are the highlight of their week, and the people in their homegroup become like a second family and a home away from home.

Imagine a group of 10 - 20 students meeting at a student’s dorm or apartment in the evening. We look at scripture, talk about how life has really been going lately, and hang out playing games and eating snacks after. 

Get an invitation to a homegroup here.

Sunday Worship Service

We host our Sunday worship services at 5:00pm (we like to sleep in too). We’re pretty laid back, so just wear your normal clothes and don’t feel like you need to dress up.

Stick around after service because groups of students usually go grab dinner together, which is a great time for us to get to know you.

Check the Upcoming Events page for the next Sunday Service date and location.