Our Mission

We provide a community where people who have been failed by the religious community can feel at home. We give our neighbors at Texas State and in San Marcos a place to explore Christianity together, to receive spiritual mentoring, and to walk together in becoming more like our King Jesus. We’re figuring life out with each other, take responsibility when we screw up, and offer grace when others do too.

Our Vision:

2.42 Church exists to know Jesus and do his work together.

Our Core Values:

Through Jesus We Are:

  • Boldly Compassionate
  • Celebrating Life's Adventure
  • Being Made New
  • Complete Together

Acts 2:42

Our church is named after Acts 2, which talks about the beginnings of the Christian Church. Specifically in verse 42 how “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” 

We believe that God has established the local church body of believers as the primary means of furthering His Kingdom here on earth, and so we want to devote ourselves to scripture, to fellowship, and to walking with God together.

Our Staff Team

2.42 Church has a team of dedicated staff, both full and part time. We firmly believe the work of the Church is the responsibility of each believer; the staff simply facilitate the ministry we all do as a part of 2.42. 

The staff team have all raised a financial support team through Reliant Mission. If you'd like to financially support one of our staff please click their individual photo in the list below.

  • Clif Turner Deacon, Pastor-in-Training

    Clif Turner has a strong dislike of onions. More significantly, he serves 2.42 Church as a homegroup coach, director of communications and marketing, and manages 2.42's weekly worship service. An avid sports fan, and college football enthusiast, you may hear Clif moonlighting as a public address announcer at a variety of Texas State athletic events. His passion is to help people connect to God and cooperate with what He wants to do in their lives. He enjoys his wife Liz, college football, trivia nights, and Aaron Sorkin's HBO classic, The Newsroom.

    E-mail: clif.turner@reliant.org

  • Joshua Jarma Deacon, Pastor-in-Training

    A human multiclassed Barbarian/Technomancer, Joshua Jarma does a little bit of a lot of things.  He loves his wife (Lisa) and two kids (Faith and Justice) and is passionate about people knowing Jesus.  His favorite book of the Bible is probably Hebrews, favorite TV show targeted toward girls ages 4-10 is My Little Pony, and starts tearing up (in joy) when thinking of Jesus' return when all things will be made new.  His head seeks to discover new planets while flying in a spaceship but his heart wants to smash things with a stone axe while riding a dinosaur - and he really hopes to be able to do at least one of those two things in heaven.

    E-mail: joshua.jarma@reliant.org

  • Emma Saenz Staff

    Emma Saenz initially joined 2.42 as a student in the fall of 2011 and has played a key role in our church's growth and community ever since. She loves connecting with others and is always up for a good cup of tea paired with good conversation (she is not British, tea is just delicious). Her heart is for every student at Texas State to know Jesus Christ and love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. She wants to empower women to find their identity in Christ and support each other as the unique and beautiful women they are. When she has free time she enjoys board games, hiking, singing at the top of her lungs, and watching Psych for the 800th time.

    E-mail: emma.shanks@reliant.org

  • Lisa Jarma Staff

    Lisa Jarma loves taking pictures (especially of her family) and loves to scrapbook them (currently at 714 pages!). She is married to her favorite guy Joshua and deeply loves her two kids (Faith and Justice). She loves being able to homeschool her kids while also working part time for 2.42. She is passionate about college students and loves to spend time with them. She specializes in meeting with women and just walking through the journey of life together.

    E-mail: lisa.jarma@reliant.org

  • Will Carter Staff

    As a member of the original church plant team, Will Carter has been with 2.42 Church since 2010 and came on staff in 2019. He has a passion for worship and a heart for helping others experience the awesome beauty of God through leading and participating in worship activities. Will now serves as 2.42’s Worship Director. He has a passion for his wife (Kamarie), intellectual conversations about… well anything, good tea, music, and loving others. His dislikes include olives (by themselves), bad web designs, and the television myth of a hole in a plane sucking everyone out of the aircraft.

    E-mail: will.carter@reliant.org

  • Katie Robbins Staff

    Katie Robbins has a deep love for all things feminine and cozy. She decorates all of her spaces in string

    lights, blankets, and florals. Katie joined 2.42 as a student in 2013 and, soon after, began serving in

    worship and prayer ministry. She also met her husband, Colton, at 2.42 and thinks he’s pretty awesome.

    She has a passion for seeing students encounter the love of God in a personal way, and seeing that love

    set them free from shame. Her goal in life is to abolish the narrative of God as a disapproving Father,

    and show Him for the amazingly loving God that He is.

    E-mail: katie.robbins@reliant.org

Our Statement of Faith


The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible — the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. It was uniquely, verbally, and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and was written without error in the original manuscripts. It is the supreme and final authority in faith and life in every age.


There is but one God: infinite in power, wisdom, justice, goodness, and love; the Creator of the universe; eternally existing in three persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — each of whom possesses all the attributes of Deity and the characteristics of personality.


God created humans in His own image, and humans — as they were originally created — were innocent before God. But people chose to sin by disobeying God, and therefore were alienated from their Creator and came under divine condemnation. Thus all human beings are born with a corrupted nature and without spiritual life, and are totally incapable of pleasing God in and of themselves.


God the Father, by His own choice and out of love for sinful humans, sent Jesus Christ into the world to reconcile sinners to Himself. Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He was God in the flesh, both true God and true man. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and voluntarily suffered and died as our substitute to pay the penalty for our sins, thus satisfying God's justice and accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him alone. He rose from the dead in the same body, though glorified, in which He lived and died. He bodily ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God the Father, where He, the only mediator between God and humans, makes intercession for those who are His own. He will return to earth personally, visibly, and bodily to judge all people and establish His kingdom.


A person is freed from the penalty for their sins not as a result — in whole or in part — of their own works, goodness, or religious ceremony, but by the undeserved favor of God alone. God declares righteous all who put their faith in Christ alone for their salvation.


The Holy Spirit has come into the world to reveal and glorify Christ, to convict people of their sins, and to impart new life to all who place their faith in Christ. He indwells believers from the moment of spiritual birth, seals them until the day of redemption, allots spiritual gifts to them for ministry, and empowers them to live a life pleasing to God.


All who are born again of the Spirit can, through the sure promises of God, be fully assured of eternal life from the very moment they put their faith in Christ. This assurance is not based upon any kind of human merit, but upon the finished work of Christ, who completely paid for their sins, and upon the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, who is the deposit guaranteeing their inheritance.


At physical death, the believer enters immediately into eternal, conscious fellowship with the Lord and awaits the resurrection of their body to everlasting glory and blessing. At physical death, the unbeliever enters immediately into eternal, conscious separation from the Lord and awaits the resurrection of their body to everlasting suffering, judgment, and condemnation.


Jesus Christ has instructed those who believe in Him to be baptized in water as a symbol of their new birth in Christ. Baptism is only for those who have personally believed in Christ. Our practice is to baptize by immersion. The Lord also instituted the Lord's Supper as a remembrance of His suffering, death, and resurrection. Neither baptism nor the Lord's Supper has any merit in helping a person obtain eternal life.


All true believers make up the church worldwide and should assemble together in local churches for worship, prayer, fellowship, and teaching to become conformed to the image of Christ and to become equipped to carry out the Great Commission that Christ gave His followers in Matthew 28:19-20.