Our Staff Team

2.42 Church has a team of dedicated staff, both full and part time. While we firmly believe the work of the Church is the responsibility of each believer, the staff work to facilitate the ministry we all do as a part of 2.42. The staff team have all raised a financial support team through Reliant Mission (reliant.org). If you'd like to financially support one of our staff (we appreciate that immensely!), you can find each of their Reliant support pages in their bios below.

  • Joshua JarmaPastor

    A human multiclassed Barbarian/Technomancer, Joshua Jarma does a little bit of a lot of things. He loves his wife (Lisa) and two kids (Faith and Justice) and is passionate about people knowing Jesus. His favorite book of the Bible is probably Hebrews, favorite TV show targeted toward girls ages 4-10 is My Little Pony, and starts tearing up (in joy) when thinking of Jesus' return when all things will be made new. His head seeks to discover new planets while flying in a spaceship but his heart wants to smash things with a stone axe while riding a dinosaur - and he really hopes to be able to do at least one of those two things in heaven.

    E-mail: joshua.jarma@reliant.org

    Support: reliant.org/joshua.jarma

  • Emma SaenzStaff

    Emma Saenz initially joined 2.42 as a student in the fall of 2011 and has played a key role in our church's growth and community ever since. She loves connecting with others and is always up for a good cup of tea paired with good conversation (she is not British, tea is just delicious). Her heart is for every student at Texas State to know Jesus Christ and love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. She wants to empower women to find their identity in Christ and support each other as the unique and beautiful women they are. When she has free time she enjoys board games, hiking, singing at the top of her lungs, and watching Psych for the 800th time.

    E-mail: emma.shanks@reliant.org

    Support: reliant.org/emma.shanks

  • Lisa JarmaStaff

    Lisa Jarma loves taking pictures (especially of her family) and loves to scrapbook them (currently at 714 pages!). She is married to her favorite guy Joshua and deeply loves her two kids (Faith and Justice). She loves being able to homeschool her kids while also working part time for 2.42. She is passionate about college students and loves to spend time with them. She specializes in meeting with women and just walking through the journey of life together.

    E-mail: lisa.jarma@reliant.org

    Support: reliant.org/joshua.jarma

  • Will CarterStaff

    As a member of the original church plant team, Will Carter has been with 2.42 Church since 2010 came on staff in 2019, and serves as 2.42’s Worship Director. His desire is to help others experience the love and presence of God through beauty, goodness, and community, especially in musical worship. He has a passion for his wife (Kamarie), music, good tea, video games, and intellectual conversations about… well anything. His dislikes include olives (by themselves), bad graphic design, and the television myth of a hole in an airplane causing everyone to get sucked out.

    E-mail: will.carter@reliant.org

    Support: reliant.org/will.carter

  • Allen DewberryStaff

    Allen is a manly-man of God: a woodworker, beard-enthusiast, and borderline hipster. He loves his wife, his dogs, and his job. Allen did not grow up Christian, but found God in high school and grew his faith in college. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in computer engineering, but his love for God and college students outweighed his curiosity and love for tinkering, so he decided to go on staff to help share God's love with students. Allen dislikes pickles, the idea that Christmas can only be celebrated in December, and the lie that pizza rolls are an adequate substitute for pizza. He has a heart for evangelism, passionate worship songs, and everything about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    E-mail: allen.dewberry@reliant.org

    Support: reliant.org/allen.dewberry