What To Expect

2.42 Church is a non-denominational Christian church, which just means that we want to be a group of people who aren't divided by different interpretations of or ways of practicing Christianity, but who are united by our devotion to Jesus and our love for others. We don't think "Church" is an event that people come to, like a concert or a lecture; we see it as a found family of people who care for each other and work together to love the people around them like Jesus did. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, come visit! You can learn more about the main things we do below!

Weekly Homegroups

Homegroups are what we call our weekly small group meetings. Over the years, students have said that homegroup meetings are the highlight of their week and that the people in their homegroup have become like a second family to them — a home away from home. Homegroups are made up of 10 - 20 students who meet up on a weekly basis to look at scripture, talk about how life is going, and hang out together. Want to get connected with a homegroup? Click the button below!


Sunday Worship Services

Our Sunday services are a time for members from all the different homegroups to come together to worship and learn more about God as a larger body. Jesus' church is bigger than each of us and bigger even then 2.42 church, and Sunday services are a little glimpse of that beautiful vision of unity!

Our services typically consist of a time of worship — either through music, prayer, or some kind of alternative worship — and a teaching or panel discussion on a topic of Christian faith and what it means for our lives here on earth. We also typically like to hang out afterwards and eat dinner around town as smaller groups!

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Upcoming Events