You Are Welcome And Wanted Here!

In Short:

Our first priority is to make sure LGBTQIA people feel valued, safe, and protected. Hate will not be tolerated in our church. We believe there are multiple faithful ways to interpret the Bible on this topic, so we don't teach a particular doctrine, except that LGBTQIA people are loved by God.

In more detail:

We believe that LGBTQIA people are loved by God and created in his image. They are fully deserving of love and respect from all people.

We believe that it is more important for people to feel loved and accepted by God and his people than it is to hold any particular belief or practice about gender or sexuality. We recognize that faithful followers of Jesus hold to a variety of personal beliefs regarding gender and sexuality as well as interpretations of how Biblical teachings apply to these. Because of this, we do not expect everyone to share the same beliefs or interpretations, and we do not teach a particular stance as a church. This is a complex topic, so we encourage people to look into it through scripture and prayer and come to their own conclusions led by the Holy Spirit.

We want our community to be a place where LGBTQIA people can feel safe and protected, and a place where we can ask questions and figure out life together as we follow Jesus. We know that many churches have hurt many people in the LGBTQIA community for decades and we want to give special attention and love to anyone who has been hurt. Furthermore, because 2.42 Church’s position is that a person can be LGBTQIA and a faithful Christian, it is also our position that being LGBTQIA does not disqualify a person from holding a leadership position in 2.42 Church.

Why Is This Hidden On Your Website?

That's a very valid question. To be frank, we're currently in the process of leaving the church network we've been a part of since our church was planted in 2010 because we aren't satisfied with the network's responses to cases of abuse within the network. And so to avoid the potential of retaliation and further abuse, we've temporarily hidden this information until our separation from the network is complete, which should be at the end of this summer (2023).